Garlands Eatery and Coffee House


Garlands Eatery and Coffee House.

Let’s face it; eating out is something we all love to indulge in, once in a while! Despite our love for eating out, at times independent restaurants often get overlooked in favour of larger chain restaurants. With this in mind, here at Printed Menus we went on a quest to find the best independent cafes in Cardiff!

Garlands Eatery and Coffee House, 4 Duke Street, Cardiff CF10 1AZ.

I arrived at Garlands a little before 11am on a Tuesday morning. As I walked through the Duke Street Arcade I was struck by the shop’s quaint and stylish sign, surrounded by a few tables for those brave enough to sit outside in mid January! (Side note: no one was..). Both Garlands exterior and interior reminded me of a Parisian café, and although compact, Garlands oozes charm and character.

Inside, I took a seat at a small candlelit table armed with a copy of the Metro for good measure. The menu was diverse, offering everything from pancakes with fruit compote to a full English – I was spoilt for choice. Eventually, I opted for the ‘Meaty Breakfast (Mushrooms, eggs and beans were also available, but I decided to go without and opt for an extra sausage).

In what felt like no time at all, a bell was rung and my food was brought to me. I was struck by the food’s quality, the bacon and eggs being my personal favorite (although, it was hard to pick an overall highlight). The Meaty Breakfast also came with a slice of brown toast, which sounds relatively modest but it was perhaps the thickest and most delicious slice of toast I’ve ever eaten.

Typically, larger chain restaurants often lack authentic food that feels homemade, something which Garlands has effectively mastered. The unique atmosphere, charm and great homemade food definitely left me more than happy to part with my money. Having lived in Cardiff for 22 years, I can’t believe I’ve never visited Garlands before; it definitely makes a welcomed escape from the hustle and bustle of Cardiff while grabbing a quick bite.

- Lauren

£6.95 Meaty Breakfast

£6.95 Meaty Breakfast


Toast & Butter.










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