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Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 09.59.58Let’s face it; eating out is something we all love to indulge in, once in a while! Despite our love for eating out, at times independent restaurants often get overlooked in favour of larger chain restaurants. With this in mind, here at Printed Menus we went on a quest to find the best independent cafes in Cardiff!

Having visited Buffalo Bar for the first time a few weeks ago, I unexpectedly encountered Milk & Sugar. Knowing I had to go to a third independent café for my third and final ‘Cafés in Cardiff’ blog, I decided to visit for ‘work’ (but mostly coffee & cake…). Milk & Sugar’s aesthetic theme is vibrant green, foregrounded by their bold white ampersand symbol, adding a memorable and unique touch to the café. The shop was larger inside than I expected, with the white ampersand symbol making several more appearances as I waited to order.

The café was unsurprisingly busy (it was mid morning, after all). In typical coffee shop fashion, I was met with the impossible task of deciding what cake(s) to eat as I waited to order– luckily Tim helped me and after what seemed like an hour of being indecisive I ended up choosing the honeycomb brownie and a cappuccino.


Homemade honeycomb brownie

My cappuccino arrived, accompanied by some sugar cubes (much to my excitement!). The brownie was smaller than first anticipated, but the taste certainly wasn’t comprised as a result. Having tried my fair share of baked goods in my time, I must say Milk & Sugar’s brownies far surpass the various cakes I’ve had in chain coffee shops. Good enough for me to briefly considered buying the batch, until I realised perhaps I should resist…giving me the perfect window to return another day to try the Flake brownies.

All in all, Milk & Sugar have got it spot on in terms of creating a unique experience for their customers (both in a visual and culinary sense). – Lauren 

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